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Welcome to Graham’s latest adventure into latex with his new
subscription tutorial website “The Balloon Artistes Guild” 2023

For the fee of just a pound a week plus VAT, you will receive for the full year,

Two online DVD tutorials, Balloon Art Design Vol 6 and Balloon Art Design Vol 9
Plus 18 new balloon tutorials and 12 live zooms throughout the year.
So over 60 designs in total for just a pound a week.

The tutorials filmed so far are, with more to follow,
Flowers, Crab, Sonic, Lion, Crown, Parrot, Big Bird, Mouse, Panda and a Handbag.

You can sign up for the whole of the 2023 session with a one off payment
or to help with two smaller payments spread out throughout the year.
(Please note this is a one off fee and not a monthly charge)
It’s approx a pound per each design being shown.

To sign up for the tutorial website for 2023 the link is below and you can
also sign up for last year, 2022 where there are 50 designs explained,
including Dolphin, Love Heart, Bee, Unicorn, Digger, Rabbit, Giraffe, Butterfly,
Santa Wand, Car, Elephant, Dog, Fish Hat and Five Christmas designs.
Balloon Artistes Guild Forum.

Or any questions then please contact Graham at

Selected Tutorials

Jessica Rabbit Tutorial

Paddington Tutorial

Number 9 Tutorial

Teddy Tutorial

Big Bird




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