Balloon Art Wholesale

Welcome along to “The Balloon Artistes Guild” Tutorial Website.

To view some of the designs explained then please follow the link, Tutorials available.

The website was launched in August 2022, the designs posted and available are, Dolphin, Heart, Bee, Car, Digger, Rabbit, Unicorn, Bird, Giraffe, Butterfly, Santa Wand, Elephant, Dog, Fish Hat plus my “Christmas Fun 4 Everyone” tutorial with five designs. So that is 19 designs and then Balloon Art Design DVD 1 and DVD 2 with 15 designs on each. We also did a zoom a month as well which was included for club members. There is a forum to the site for when I make a variation on one of the designs so I can show you these more easily. If you would like to post now and again as well with your model you have made that would be appreciated as well so we make this a little community. We have also added a Facebook page that is available for club members as well. The cost for last year which is still available is just £26.40

For 2023 the designs that we have posted so far are the large Dog design, Crab, Sonic and the Lion. Plus my DVD 9 which has nine designs explained as well. We will be posting a minimum of 18 tutorials during the year, plus another one of my DVD’s and then the Zoom’s that will be monthly. Again the cost is just a pound a week plus VAT. The £62.40 fee is for the year and not monthly, we have also set up so you can pay with two instalments to make it a little easier. There is also a Facebook page for 2023 as well to keep people informed and updated. If you do have any questions, then please message Graham and ask, he will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the website. If you would like to join then please follow the link, The Balloon Artistes Guild.
Thank you xx