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The two balloon Love Heart was the second design we posted onto the website on day one which was 1st August 2022. The Heart came about from seeing the one balloon heart design from Antonio who has kindly come over for us to run workshops in previous years. And then Helen who posts regularly on Facebook with some lovely larger display pieces. The Love Heart is online and available to view for members now.

And this is the latest version of my one balloon Dolphin that I mentioned on my previous post. Although it does use a scrap of balloon for the eyes as well, so some might say it’s not actually a one balloon Dolphin, but I do….he he. Hope it is of use and helpful to some. This is how the one balloon Dolphin came about if you would like to take a look, One Balloon Dolphin. If you are looking for a more advanced Dolphin then I think this one is about five balloons and the Grey Dolphin at the bottom of the page I really liked the look of as well, Dolphin.The one balloon Dolphin tutorial is available to view now for members.

The very first tutorial that was posted onto the new website was my very first DVD, Balloon Art Design Volume One which was filmed we think in 2007. There are 15 designs on the DVD with five basic, 5 intermediate and 5 that we thought were more advanced. I also shot the instructions face on and over the shoulder, so it was easier for people to follow along with. There is a basic one balloon Dolphin design on this DVD and that was the design that inspired me to make a variation on a theme. So, the newer Dolphin was the very first new tutorial that we posted here. This DVD tutorial is included with the membership fee.

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