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The Heart Plane came about when I was in America at one of the large conventions, now which one was it?
I’m not entirely sure but the design started off using 16″ Geo Blossom balloons.
They were turned inside out to form each wing, like when you use a 6″ Geo Blossom to make the body for the Elephant.
I’m unable to find the original picture at the moment, I have spent a time looking for it so will post it if I stumble across it sometime soon and remember to add the link here xx.
These were made back in 2014 so coming up for 10 years ago now, Geo Plane.

P.S, Found it, the original plane was made at the Florida Super Jam back in 2014, it’s at the bottom of page 10 here on the link, Original Geo Blossom Plane.