Balloon Art Wholesale

Welcome along to my little blog section. The plan is to give a little info on the background of the tutorials when they are posted, with some links to where I might have posted variations or another similar tutorial. Just explaining a little about how the design came about and how it evolved etc. So the first tutorial we posted onto the website although it was not the first one we made available was my DVD 1, which had no title as such as I was assuming it might have been my one and only DVD. I think this was made and filmed back in 2005, so 17 years ago, I do look a little younger on the DVD for some unknow reason, he he. We explain 15 different designs with 5 that we thought were basic, 5 I think we called basic plus and then the last 5 were basic plus plus, just so we got away from calling it beginner, Intermediate and advanced. As some of the designs were not advanced depending on how long one had been twisting and in the business so to speak. The artwork was originally done by Jimmy Carlo, he also made the copies for me to sell. I then went onto a duplication house in Kent to mass reproduce the DVD and had Rob Driscoll update all the artwork for me. There are four designs that I have just noted, the firing gun that I have updated over the years is one worth taking a look at. A later version is here with some variations, Firing Gun. The classic original Fish hat design I used to make which I have only just updated to another version but the original still goes over well after all these years. Latest Fish Hat. The snake I still love to make and do in every magic show I have performed at over many years, unfortunately at the moment I’m unable to find a link to show you this, but it is on the DVD here on the website so you can take a look. And lastly one which has always been one of my favourites, but I have not made in a long time is the Duck hat, Duck Hat. This is my variation on a theme from a design I originally saw by Ralph Dewey way back when we brought him over to lecture at one of the early balloon days that we ran. As Yellow hearts are not overly available at the moment I did make another variation on the Duck hat using a 260 balloon over in model of the month on Balloon Chat. 260 Duck Hat.

So that’s my first little blog over, thanks for reading XXxx