Balloon Art Wholesale

I’m trying to think when we first brought DVD 9 out, possibly 10 years back now and it was going to be a two DVD set as I had quite a few other ideas as well. I have posted this first for the 2023 membership as unfortunately at the moment Qualatex have discontinued the Geo Blossom balloon. Now weather this is permanent or temporary due to the world wide balloon shortage I’m not sure. So I thought it’s best to bring this out straight away as you can still purchase the product and stock is available, we do have some but not sure how long it will last. There is a thread on balloon chat with some variations and other designs that we never got around to filming that you might like to take a look at, Geo Blossom Designs.
I have just looked and there are 9 pages to view with some designs I had completely forgotten about, hope you get time to take a look and possibly use an idea or two before its completely impossible to find the product.