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For many a year I always kept away from making butterflies, not sure why but I certainly did. I do remember I used to work the tables at a restaurant a few years back at Sunday lunch time, I used to take a couple of large designs in and make a small balloon at every table and then give people a raffle ticket to win one of the larger designs. One time someone did ask for a Butterfly and I was trying to re-create the design by Marvin Hardy I think from one of his books where the wings overlap………..let’s say it was not a great success and perhaps that might be one of the reasons I kept away for so long from making them. Goodness, thinking back that was probably over 30/35 years ago now when I was just starting out and a fledgling in balloon modelling. The Butterfly here on the website is just a basic design to get people started, I have posted a few variations over on Balloon Chat. This one was in model of the month with an extra 160 balloon added for colour, Model of the Month, Butterfly.
There are a couple more variations here to view as well, More Butterflies.
I just found another thread on Butterflies as well, again some different and some over 10 years old,
Even More Butterflies.
Plus another thread with a geo blossom for the wings, Geo Butterfly.
That reminds me where you can also turn the geo inside out similar to the Elephant body design and make
the wings for a Butterfly. I don’t ever remember making it like that though, but it might be worth a try.
Hope the links above are helpful when looking for a workable Butterfly design for yourself to make.