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The Car design was a challenge, over on Balloon Chat I have a thread with over 100 variations as I could not get the shape and look I was after. It was not till a few months after I stopped trying to come up with a shape that I was happy with that we ended up where we are. I’m still not convinced by the design or 100% happy with the overall look but…………….. was pleased enough to make a tutorial for it. I much prefer the few variations I have for a racing car, but then that will be posted at a later date as well. This is the thread for the Car over on Balloon Chat, Car Designs.  
A simple racing car design is posted here, Racing Car.
Then we have a racing car on model of the month as well, which I just realised is coming up for 10 years old,
wow but still a design I like, Model of the Month Racing Car.