Balloon Art Wholesale

Now I know exactly where and how the Crab design came about, oops is all I will say. I was working with Lord G at a nice gig we have done I think a couple of times together and for one session we were working opposite each other. Lord G was asked for a Crab which he said he did not make but I would make for them. Thanks, he he as I’d never made a Crab either, so I put something together which was OK but as I handed it over I did mention….. well I will leave that to your imagination but once they had gone I did mention to Lord G my mouth opened before I put my brain in gear. Sometimes these things happen, so the Crab we eventually filmed is a little different from the one I made on the day. When I see the picture of the design it always puts a smile on my face, so that’s a bonus and I hope you can use the design and it will put smiles on many faces.