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Now how did the Dog come about, off to check the thread on Balloon Chat to see if I commented there about it. No nothing there, it is a fairly new design and I originally made it in the dark Chocolate Brown. When I took the picture the sun was shinning through and it really captured the colour, look and style of the Dog. Well I thought so but when I posted it onto Facebook someone mentioned nice but would look better in a different colour. That did make me laugh and chuckle, mainly because I make the designs for myself and to please me, if others like them great but I don’t get too worried. So I did try it in White and Mocha Brown and if being totally honest I still loved the look of the original Dog, I expect it did have something to do with the Sun shinning through but it was a really nice picture, well I thought so. So back to how this came about….. and I’m not to sure, yet I only made it back in December before Christmas. Anyway I did film this pretty quickly for the website as I wanted a larger design to start off the year. Now I did film the Dog in Mocha as it did show up better for the camera, but my favourite picture for the Dog is the one here on the Blog and the first one on the thread where I posted the various colours and a variation on a theme as well. If you do make the design it would be nice to see, thanks for reading. This is the thread to see the Dog over on Balloon Chat, Dog.