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The Dolphin came about after I was watching my Dolphin on one of the DVD’s, now I’m not sure which one as we have a Dolphin on DVD 1 and also DVD 5 which is my one balloon wonders. So I decided to have a play and update the design a little as both designs were quite a few years old, DVD 5 came out in 2010 so that is 12 years old. I did post the variations on a theme over on Balloon Chat if you would like to see how he evolved. Dolphin.
Just found the link above and it does say I was watching DVD 1 so that is problem solved, so the original design was filmed then in 2005,
so 17 years ago now. Hope the design is of use.
There are quite a few threads on Balloon Chat for Dolphins as I do tend to go back to making them every now and again, I will post one thread here but please go over to balloon chat to find a few other threads with variations on the look of the Dolphin. I have posted this one as it was a model of the month back in May 2021 and there are step by step instructions in case anyone would like to make. Dolphin Model of the Month.