Balloon Art Wholesale

This is the eight petal Flower that can be done with one 160 Red with eight 3 finger fold twists. But if you  prefer each petal to be a little larger then please just add an extra 160 Red and make your petals slightly larger. There is a little knack to getting the Flower to look fuller but I think its worth taking the extra time as the overall look to me is very pleasing to the eye. Hope you have fun with the design and it is of use to a few. On The Balloon Artistes Guild for 2022 we have my DVD 2 posted with 15 variations on Flowers, this design is not one of those but my favourite 260 balloon Flower is on their if anyone wanted to take a look. This is the link if you would like to join, there are 15 tutorials and two of my DVD’s with 15 designs on each, The Balloon Artistes Guild 2022.