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Now thinking why or how did the Giraffe design come about, and it was only just made a few months back. I’m not too sure but just searched on Balloon Chat and a thread has come up where I have posted this design from July of this year. So from coming up with the design, filming it and posting the tutorial that is really quick for me. The original thread was started back in April 2018 and the design is a little similar to the original. I have always made the Giraffe with a rather larger mouth size than is required to give him a more cartoony look.
This is the original thread on Balloon Chat, Giraffe.
I have also just found a Model of the Month Giraffe on Balloon Chat which is from April 2012, so 10 years ago with a few different variations on a theme incase anyone wanted to take a look, the step by step instructions are over three pages, Model of the Month Giraffe.
I have just taken a look at the Giraffe posted here on the website and the one from model of the month 10 years ago and they are pretty similar, a little different but not too much, could be its so old it’s new again… he he.