Balloon Art Wholesale

The Handbag I have posted onto the website I’m not 100% certain how it came about, I have done a search on Balloon Chat and cant see a specific thread for this actual Handbag.

I will have a look later again or tomorrow and try to update the details, below are some variations on a few different style handbags on Balloon Chat and one on BalloonTube.

The BalloonTube Handbag is more of a shell type look, since we made this a few other people have posted variations, it was originally made way back in 2010. Shell Handbag.

One of the Crowns I made we did turn into a handbag, Crown Handbag.
We then made it into a model of the month with a few variations. Model of the Month Handbag.
Back in January 2010 we had another Hand bag for model of the month plus possibly my first shell like bags, they start from page three, Shell Handbag.
There are a couple of Chrome Handbags here to view, Chrome Handbags.
These bags were made at Blackpool magic convention in 2017, Handbag.

On DVD 9, Geo Blossoms there is a nice hand bag idea made from a…….. yes you guessed it a Geo Blossom.
DVD 9 is on the website to view so you can look it up here on the website.

After doing a little more digging I found these Handbags and the last one has similarities to the design we posted here. They were made in August 2022 and the tutorial for the handbags I filmed in Sept 2022. So that would all fit in timewise as well. Handbags.