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The love heart, now it was a while ago that we came up with this and from memory I did see Antonio make his one balloon heart which was a sequence like when you draw the house on a piece of paper without lifting the pencil off the page. I then saw some hearts that Helen posted onto her Facebook page and I’m not sure if my Owl came after the heart or before. I found two threads about it on Balloon Chat, Love Heart.
And then this one when Antonio and I made a few designs when he was over and staying with me for a few days. Love Heart with Antonio.
I also made a face from the heart design as well that you can see here, Heart Face.
We also made the Owl from the design or did the heart come from the Owl design, I’m not 100% certain. I just found the thread and it says I saw an Owl in the heart design, so that clears that all up and then the saying “Owl Always Love You” Made me smile. Heart to Owl.
So there is the little potted history about how the Heart and Owl design came about.