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Now where do we start with the Panda, I have made so many over the years. I would say the Panda and Dolphin are the designs I return to the most. This was a stand up sit down Panda which was from an idea I had back in June 2020. Although the Panda is really just a sit down as he looks way better that way. We made the stand up sit down Teddy Bear as one of my premium tutorials if anyone wanted to take a look. Teddy Tutorial.

On Balloon Chat there are quite a few variations over the years for a few Panda designs that you can take a look at, the one here is the longest thread but it’s worth doing a search on Balloon Chat to find a few more threads as it might be one of those Panda’s that inspire you, good luck with looking. There are five pages of Panda designs to view here, Panda.

Plus we have a couple of Panda designs over on BalloonTube to take a look at, they are tutorials number 24 and 92, BalloonTube Panda.