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The Parrot is always one I struggle with, a few years back I did make a reasonable two balloon Parrot that I always liked. The two Balloon Parrot was an early model of the month back in June 2012, so over 11 years ago now.
Parrot Model of the Month. 

We have tried a few over the years and the last one on this thread on Balloon Chat is possibly my favourite that
I have made over the years. Parrot Selection.

Also from the thread above came about the Big Bird design I have just posted onto the website today, well I did post it back in June 2022 but for some reason it never went live. I think because it was one of the first Zoom sessions we did so I put off posting it for a while. It’s funny how the Parrot idea morphed into the Big Bird design, people do ask me how we come up with ideas and designs and it’s always impossible for me to answer as I’m never sure myself. So by looking at the thread above I’m guessing you will be none the wiser very much like myself… he he.

There is a one balloon Parrot design over on BalloonTube that was one of the first twenty designs I made that were all from one balloon. Although I did put the Parrot on a nice stand as well so it ended up being from two balloons.
One Balloon Parrot.